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Contra Parada
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El Ciudadano

Despite the widespread police forces deployed during the military parade in the Parque O’Higgins, hundreds of people protested by banging pots near...


Anti-war group decries USF's ties to military

Gage Lacharite, center, head of the local branch of Students for a Democratic Society, prepares to hand out “counter-recruiting” fliers at USF's Marshall Student Center. JAY CONNER

/ Tampa Tribune

TAMPA — Counter-recruiting. Demands that the university break ties with the military. A mass die-in.

It may not be the 1960s, but Students for a Democratic Society is dusting off the old playbook to launch an anti-war, anti-U.S. military campaign at the University of South Florida.

SDS, perhaps the largest and most influential radical student organization of the 1960s, is springing back to life in the wake of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. SDSers from USF have scheduled a news conference today to demand that the university sever memorandums of understanding it has entered into with U.S. Central Command based at  MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, and U.S. Southern Command based in Miami.


Antimilitarism in Action

In September 2012 an antimilitarist action week took place in Germany – an evaluation


Recruitment of and resistance by queers - example Sweden

In this article we will explain how we understand in what ways politics about gender, sexuality and war are related to each other. We will also tell you about some actions Ofog (anti-militarist network) did against the Swedish Armed Forces participation in the last Pride festival (August 2011).


Anti-military action against the Spanish armed forces stand at Educ@emplea (Alicante)

At half past 11 in the morning of Wednesday 12 May, a dozen people gained access to the place hosting the Youth Employment Fair “Educ@emplea”, that as with every year has a place in the enclosure of the Alicantan Exhibition Institution (IFA) of Torrellano.

Facing the astonished looks of the thousands of young people and teachers present, and dressed in white coats and masks, they proceeded to encircle the stand at which the Spanish army propagandizes and offers a sinister working exit for young people who finish their studies.

The stand remained surrounded like that and “the disinfection of the military virus” began, at the same time distributing leaflets to those present about the great risks they were running in moving toward the said source of “contamination”.


Arab youth take to Nazareth streets in anti-IDF draft rally

Protestors say inducting Christians into the Israeli military would split Arab society.

Groups opposed to the drafting of Christian Arab youth into the Israel Defense Forces, including the youth wing of the Hadash party, staged a protest rally in Nazareth on Saturday in which male and female teens marched into Spring Square in the center of town dressed in military attire and carrying toy rifles.

Read more...Haaretz

Photo by Limor Adri


Women Paint For Peace at Glasgow Recruiting Office

2 March 2012


The Armed Forces prepare for the first quarter of 2014 with more than 800 advertising and propaganda events

Aachener Friedenspreis | Geistbraus

Schule ohne Militär! -

Against Advertise with minors is forming a broad social resistance from teachers, parents and unions nationwide have already ten schools for "military-free," says the first 3 of them were for this award in last year with the prestigious "Aachen Peace Prize".

The competent staff for advertising "career counselor" of the Bundeswehr want in the first Qurtal 2014 visit around 120 commercial fairs and exhibitions, 200 schools and 140 is moved with the employment agencies "Job Center" respectively "career information centers". Moreover, in addition to over 160 performances of "youth officers" of the Armed Forces, in particular, are involved in the military-political propaganda against students. The funds for the advertising has been tripled in recent years.


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