Army in Myanmar still recruiting children

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Photo: Democratic Voice of Burma

Research from Child Soldiers International suggests that the Burmese military is still recruiting children, one year after the Myanmar government made a commitment to the United Nations to stop doing so. Whilst they did release 66 children from the military last month, many more remain. The Tatmadaw (the Myanmar Armed Forces) has continued to recruit since it signed the Joint Action Plan with the UN last year, although in lower numbers than those previously reported.

On 16 August 2013, the UN Security Council Working Group on children and armed conflict released its conclusions on children and armed conflict in Myanmar, urging the Myanmar government to take specific measures to protect children from unlawful recruitment by the Myanmar military and armed groups, and thereby live up to its commitments to bring a definitive end to underage recruitment in the country.

Sources: Democractic Voice of Burma, One year on, the Burmese military continues to recruit children, 27 June; LA Times, Myanmar army releases child soldiers, 7 August 2013 Child Soldiers International, Myanmar: Act now to prevent recruitment of child soldiers, following new SC recommendations, 28 August 2013.

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