Warwick Students shut down a BAE Systems recruitment event

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BAE Systems, a British multinational defence, security and aerospace company, tried to hold a recruitment event at the University of Warwick at the end of November, but students were not happy that their university was playing host to such an unethical company. After less than half an hour of protest, with a banner and chanting, the recruiters from BAE Systems packed up and the event was called off.

Students, including from Warwick for Free Education and Fossil Free Warwick, announced that they would disrupt the event. They spoke about the immoral and corrupt business dealings of the company. The protesters believe that arms companies should not have a relationship with the University of Warwick and should not be allowed to buy the right to recruit on their campus.

BAE representatives pack up their equipment after it is made clear that no students are going to listen to their presentation.

BAE Systems is a highly corrupt company which sells arms indiscriminately to over 100 countries around the world regardless of their human rights record. For example they have supplied equipment to the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) for use in the bombing of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians, and armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia which were used to murder pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain. They have been fined hundreds of millions of pounds for corporate corruption.

The protesters made it clear that companies that profit from war and repression are not welcome at their university and said that if BAE or other arms companies were invited to campus again then protests would continue.

Co-President of Warwick Anti-Racism Society has said that the society is planning to set up a campaign to get BAE Systems out of Warwick for next term.

Source: Campaign Against Arms Trade

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