Chicago Veterans Launch 'Education Not Militarization' Campaign

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The Chicago chapter of Veterans for Peace is rolling out a billboard campaign Monday aimed at sparking a conversation about "the epidemic of militarization" in the city's schools..

The billboard campaign is also meant to "dispel the myth that militarization is about 'leadership' and 'patriotism,'" the group said in a statement. 

Messages such as "Veterans Say - Military Out of CPS" and "Veterans Say - Education Not Militarization" will appear in rotating advertising displays of 38 digital billboards across Chicago neighborhoods through May, according to the Chicago VFP. The billboard messages will include the web address, which includes more information on the group's "Education Not Militarization" initiative.

According to the group, some 10,000 CPS students receive military training. 

"Getting the military out of the Chicago Public Schools can be the start to removing the military model from public education nationally," reads Chicago VFP's website. "We seek to build a movement to remove the military model of conflict resolution by violence from the lives of youth here in Chicago, and to turn Chicago Public Schools into a national model for teaching cooperation, nonviolent conflict resolution skills, and restorative justice."



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