Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg introduce mobile app "Draftee Online" to help draftees

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The Android application "Draftee Online" is an aid to any draftee, whether he intends to do army service or has the right to an exemption.

The app provides advice based on the rich experience of the lawyers at the human rights organization Soldiers' Mothers of St Petersburg, who help draftees to figure out the most pressing and complex questions of the military draft, and to defend their rights independently.

"Draftee Online" is set up so that a young person who suffers a violation of the law can find a case related to his own situation and receive concrete recommendations as to the actions he can undertake to protect his rights.

The application describes the most frequent situations that draftees encounter, as well as giving templates of the necessary declarations and complaints.

The application unites a large number of useful functions, which every draftee should have at the ready:

Contact information for supervisory bodies in the event of a violation of your rights, as well as a human rights hotline;

Access to the lawyers at Soldiers' Mothers of St Petersburg through a special contact form;

An "emergency button" - a special feature that allows a young person inconspicuously to send an urgent text message to his family in the event that he is illegally detained and an attempt is made to send him to the army within a day.

Translated by Alissa Leigh-Valles


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