Military expansion in the universities of Andalusia.

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Almería: Primera jornada sobre Seguridad y Defensa

On the celebration of the Global Day of Action Against Military Spending (April 15 2013), the Non-violent and Anti-militarist Network in Andalusia (R.A.N.A in Spanish) submitted a press release and a dossier on military interventionism in Andalusian colleges and universities: y

However, since last year until today (02-08-2014) new and significant news is being produced about this intense interweaving between the Ministry of Defence, military industries and universities in Andalusia.Let's take a look at some of these new examples and observe how, in the midst of a crisis, the universities of Andalusia, led by Defensa and with the approval of the Andalusia Council, obviously, fold to military interests and put an extensive indoctrination campaign of the population into motion, using a hard, ideological varnish that high officials and rectors call "Defence Culture" (that is to say, regrowth of military expenditures, justification of "foreign missions", NATO, military industries, etc.):11


Defensa and UCA signed an agreement in December 2013 to circulate in Cadiz the idea that they must beprepared for wars, the idea that all citizens must justify and participate in them, etc. :


Defensa and the UHU "celebrate" (December 2013) the First (i.e. there are more to come) Security and Defence Conference in the twenty-first century, Days that have been devoted to "foreign missions" ...:


The Unive rs it y of Seville, hand in hand with the Ministry of Defense, organised (October 2013) a few conferences on war and economic energy interests, that is to say, a few days on how to "defend"
pipelines, oil refineries, "supply routes for hydrocarbons"...


Organized (May 2013) by the University of Malaga and MADOC from Granada:

Lieutenant General Head of MADOC-Armed Forces Mr. Francisco Puentes Zamora explained how important it is for the Armed Forcesto have this Chair at the University of Malaga, and expressed the desire to increase collaboration between the two institutions.



(Allegiance pledge, Jaen, November 2013, assisted by the Rector of the University of Jaén)5 ° . -CORDOBA.


On the website of the Philosophy and Letters Faculty at the University of Cordoba, this activity was advertised, organised by the so-called "Cordoba Forum Dialogues"...the division general, Juan Moliner
Gonzalez takes part in a presentation entitled "Defence Policiy and Spanish Armed Forces in the 21st Century"

-The rector of the University of Cordoba attends (June 2013) pledge of allegiance for civilians, organised by the "Armed Forces Circle of Friends":


The MADOC (Army) and the University of Granada published (January 2014) a book on weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, biosecurity etc.:*/noticias-canal-ugr/la-ugr-publica-bioseguridad-derecho-y-defensa?login_form_register#.UvXb2dJ5PNk


El "Círculo de amigos de las Fuerzas Armadas. Jaén" y la Universidad de Jaén organizaron (Oct.-Nov. 2013) las V Jornadas sobre seguridad y Cultura de Defensa":


The University of Almeria (January 2014) publishes, with the Legion and the Journalists' Association, abook entitled "Continuous change of the Security and Defence environment: the responsibility of the Armed Forces".

The University of Almeria and the Legion organised (November 2013) their First Conference on Security and Defense:


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