Anti-military action against the Spanish armed forces stand at Educ@emplea (Alicante)

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At half past 11 in the morning of Wednesday 12 May, a dozen people gained access to the place hosting the Youth Employment Fair “Educ@emplea”, that as with every year has a place in the enclosure of the Alicantan Exhibition Institution (IFA) of Torrellano.

Facing the astonished looks of the thousands of young people and teachers present, and dressed in white coats and masks, they proceeded to encircle the stand at which the Spanish army propagandizes and offers a sinister working exit for young people who finish their studies.

The stand remained surrounded like that and “the disinfection of the military virus” began, at the same time distributing leaflets to those present about the great risks they were running in moving toward the said source of “contamination”.

The disinfection team endured in said place performing their work for half an hour which coincided with the late arrival of an impressive array of the national police, with various anti-riot vans, motorized police and a multitude of plainclothes and uniformed agents.

The disinfection inspectors of the military virus were amicably invited to leave the building, which did not stop them from being able to follow the process of cleansing the premises on the outside.

A large amount of young students accompanied our inspectors to the entrance of the enclosure, the place where the group maintained with their placard at least another half an hour – in spite of the annoying police pressure – without ceasing an incessant distribution of information to young people and adults and the chorus of slogans that were followed by many of people present.

The behaviour of the police once more remained evident, dedicating the riot police to clear people from the pavement outside the fair, in a resounding abuse of authority, something which the majority of the affected people (hundreds) certainly took good note of. And with the aim – we imagine- of clearing somewhat the main entrance to the fair in order that one was able to make ones entrance without being offended by the ostentatious political view of those that had foreseen visiting the fair over the course of the morning.

Once the objectives of disinfection were accomplished, the action came to an end, and everyone went home without having any complications. This Direct Non-violent Action was realised by members of Maulets Alacant and the Tortuga antimilitary group. The pamphlet delivered to the young people present said this:

Danger, military virus!!

We find ourselves running a huge risk; the antimilitary-sanitation authorities recommend that if we don’t want to be contaminated with the infection of the “Derretitus Cerebrorum” provoked by the virus, we should avoid a prolonged subjugation to the military hierarchy.

Even though they paint it as something very cool, adventurous and humanitarian, it is no more than a hole in which develops, beneath the legality of the state, violence and obedience; additionally having to support receiving absurd orders and that they might send you to places that not even they dream of to kill people that they tell you are your enemies, including children called “collateral damage”.

This virus is very contagious and has already ruined the lives of numerous young people that have moved closer to it. Throughout the world and the course of history, the virus has demonstrated its deadly character. There is not a week that we don’t receive news of new civilian deaths caused by the European, North American and local military viruses.

There is no war that is known that does not have behind it economic interests bound to the interests of the dominant classes, like with oil today, nor any “humanitarian action” that does not have behind it assassinations and systematic violations. And we pay for this with funding from the state, four times the budget dedicated to education.

This virus is especially dangerous, now that it tries to appear benign when it is hiding its deadly potential behind words like “humanitarian”, “democracy”, “peace” or “freedom”.

The main symptoms of infection of this virus are:

A mental fog that makes one stop thinking that war is peace and that to invade, destroy and occupy a country is “to do it for its own good and to give them freedom”. –A total loss of critical feeling and the appearance of tendencies of submission and blind obedience. No matter how absurd they follow orders that you will have to comply with, even if the Sergeant Bolilla sends you to go clothed in a Spiderman costume singing songs of Camela at the seediest karaoke bar in your town. The military discipline does not understand coherence. – High fever patriotism with outbreaks of xenophobia, racism and chauvinism.

You will always still think in the white colour of your skin and you will hate the black or grey colour of other human beings. The army is like this: you will be made to see that the only important thing is to defend ourselves from imaginary enemies which could be the Chinese, the Moroccans or Martians. –You will tell anyone who thinks differently to fuck off and you will refuse to listen to them, an attitude worthy of any fascist.

In the armed forces they will capture the mind as in a cult; simply put, you will have to think how they want you to think. –Paranoid and aggressive tendencies, and seeing enemies and danger in everything. If you had been contaminated by such a dodgy virus and you think that you need sanitary humanist assistance, you can contact good vibes doctors, that will allow you to return to being a person with your own humane and critical judgement and not a sick sick future soldier. Original source: donde hay mas fotos y comentarios

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