Countering the Militarisation of Youth

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This video was used in the crowdfunder campaign for WRI's Countering the Militarisation of Youth work.

// SCRIPT //

It is enough
To challenge war
When it's upon us?
Or do we need to ask
How we 'learn war'
in the first place?
have more ways
of getting at us
young people –
than ever.
against others
Whether conscripts,
where to next?
And more young people
who have limited resources
limited money
are being manoeuvred into combat
into illegal wars
into occupying others,
into believing killing will solve
- rather than exacerbate -
our problems.

Where to next?
Because there are no jobs
because access to education
requires money
money that many don't have
the military is claiming
ownership of our schools
and our communities.
It is crime against the future
and now we must act.

This video is crowdfunding
for our new project
to begin to teach the world
about how are youth are militarised
and the rest of us too
in our text books in school
in our sports
in our films
in our television programmes
in our video games
even in our fashion.

청청청청 청청청청청 청청 (Korean)
מאבק במיליטריזציה של הנוער‬ (Hebrew)‬

Ukunqandwa ukufakwa kolutsha emkhosini wokulwa iimfazwe (Xhosa)
Countering the militarisation of youth will tell this story

with your help
to stop the normalisation
of war

join us


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