Documentary: Moving on – Surviving Lord Resistance Army

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Trigger warning: this video includes footage of people talking about abuse against children, murder and abduction.

Moving on – Surviving Lord Resistance Army is an intimate and honest documentary on what it means for children and youth to be forced into cruel situations. The documentary demonstrates the need for children to process their experiences, to find a way of living and their deep wish to contribute to a better society and future for all.

Annette Giertsen - Monday 2 June 2014

Taking us through key situations  and activities the children and young people show us their journey to recognize, reconcile and start their new lives. When given opportunities such as getting peer and adult support in clubs and organizations, children and young people get a space to process experiences and developing resources. This is one way of supporting their development into creative and positive citizens.

The overarching message is the urgent need to ensure the involvement of children and youth in all sorts of peace building and society development initiatives. Thus, an initiative has been made to create a UN Resolution on children youth and peace building, and youth regional networks are about to be established.  If you are interested in joining or so support, please contact

Source: Save The Children